Kimmy, Your being Buddy

Hello, there fellow Human Being!

It’s a new month, it’s a new day, it’s a new moment.

Doesn’t it feel refreshing to be able to begin anew? 

Life may throw at us unexpected happenings, or non-happenings. Sometimes, we feel as if nothing is happening, we’re in a slump, or maybe it’s a standstill.

May we sit with that experience and feel our feelings through? 

Or maybe may we take a moment to feel our feelings, no matter what its intensity is.

And then moving forward, checking if we feel a sense of security being in that moment.

If not, well, maybe we may also see what’s making this moment feel unstable.

You see, there are instances when we have already reached our goal and then our eyes are fixed on the next big thing. What about taking a moment to relish, celebrate, and experience the joy of being in that result. 

After doing so, what about reminding ourselves that no matter where we are in our lives – especially in the low moments of life. That we can, and we have every right to begin again.

Cheers to beginning again, my dear.

It may be tough, it may be challenging. It will be worthwhile.