Kimmy, Your being Buddy

Hello, there fellow Human Being!

How many things and tasks are on your to-do lists now?

Acknowledging and recognizing those as they are… Guess what? The reality is that the sheer number of things we need to DO, do not seem to finish.

For today, we will shift from our to-do list into focusing on our “what-is” list.

First aspect of our what-is list is labelling what you are feeling for this moment.

Using this framework or template:

I am feeling ________.

Notice how this is different from I am ______ per se. Saying “I am feeling” gives you that extra courage and a sense of detachment from the emotion, while still honoring and seeing that emotion.

Sometimes, it may be challenging to label it. We may also use symbols or simply sketch or doodle anything. Art is a powerful form of expression when it comes to mindfulness and meditation.

Allowing ourselves to have a sense of gratitude in our hearts, no matter how tiny this stirring may be…


What is already here – in the moment – right here, right now.

Go on, join me.

Let’s list down three things that we are grateful for this moment.

How does this meditation exercise go for you today?

Breathe in deeply. Breathe out slowly.

Journal about this today.