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Kimberly Chua

Your FUNdamentals Guide! I am excited to share with you best practices in fitness, finance, and faith! We’ll explore simple and practical tools together such as yoga, meditation, laughter wellness, self-love, and more.

I’m thankful that you have visited this page today! I have a gift for you, my dear!

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About Kimmy Your Being Buddy

Starting where you are – as you are.
Shifting from worry to courage and calm.
Transitioning from burnout to sustainable growth.
Moving from results-driven to process-oriented.
After all, isn’t it all about the journey too?
Together, we will discover and rediscover what matters most to you.


Hi, This is Kimmy, Your Being Buddy! Today, we'll explore life's FUNdamentals.


Leading a healthy lifestyle with mind, body, and spirit


"Handling your resources - time, money, energy - with more easy and serenity instead of these factors controlling you. "


Nourishing what you believe in - not what other people think, not what society expects, not what you have been used to.

What People Are Saying

Being a leader has a journey and a destination, of course. In your journey you're not just aiming for your goal but, also to be happy in your exploration taking one step at a time.
Hannah J.
Meeting new found friends and learning how to cope with this Pandemic by unleashing all the negativities and stress brought by COVID 19.
Thank you very much for this seminar, although it's basic & not technical in nature but still its very important to all of us... that proper breathing is absolutely necessary for us to manage our selves & to handle our everyday lives...

Fundamentals Articles

This will help you in your goals (Fitness, Finance and Faith)

How many things and tasks are on your to-do lists now?

Acknowledging and recognizing those as they are… Guess what? The reality is that the sheer number of things we need to DO, do not seem to...

Doesn’t it feel refreshing to be able to begin anew?

Life may throw at us unexpected happenings, or non-happenings. Sometimes, we feel as if nothing is happening, we’re in a slul...

We can be our worst critic… Would you agree?

And yet, the reality is the person whom we spend the majority of our time if not all of our time even, is ourselves...

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